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We live in a world where impressions and opinions on games are not what they used to be.  Reviews and Impressions are so mixed that it’s hard to tell if a game really is worth the purchase.  There is bias and prejudice everywhere, and what could be a great game could be praised by one person and hated by another.

“There is bias everywhere in reviews, nowadays.  I’ve seen Killzone reviews from people who hate the series.  This is not acceptable.  Reviews need to be by an unbiased party and give the audience a true, real image of the game in question.” ~ Trent Berlinger~

The PlayStation Vita Reviews Network was founded on the ideal of giving its audience non-biased, thorough reviews of games available for the PlayStation Vita.  It is my ultimate goal to aid you in your pursuit of games and deciding if they are worth your purchase or not.

The reviews on this site will not be limited to Vita titles, alone, but all games available for the system, outside of Remote Play, which requires the use of a PlayStation 4 system.  These reviews will consist of Vita titles, as well as PlayStation Portable, PS One Classics, PlayStation Minis, and PlayStation Mobile titles.

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