Game Title: Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2
DLC Title:
 Extra Pack 4
DLC Type: Playable Characters, Missions
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Price: $7.99 (USD)

I’m gonna be pretty sad when there isn’t any more Xenoverse 2 DLC coming out. I really love doing Dragon Ball coverage and every XV2 review I’ve done has made me smile. Unfortunately, word in the community is that its DLC is coming to an end with what I’ll be covering today and I don’t know enough about technical fighting mechanics to really do full “reviews” on singular characters for FighterZ.

But, let’s not get all depressed and let’s get excited! The new Dragon Ball Super movie is only one month away for Western Audiences and Dimps made DLC to help promote it! Said to be the final DLC Expansion for the game, here is my review of Extra Pack 4 for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 on the Nintendo Switch!


broly spoilers

***SPOILER WARNING! There are spoilers for DRAGON BALL SUPER: BROLY all over this expansion. If you wish to go into that movie without spoilers, STOP READING!***

As with Extra Pack 3, EP4 is a standalone DLC expansion that adds new content. This new expansion includes the following:

– New Character: Broly (Super Saiyan Full Power)
– New Character: Gogeta (Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan)
– New Stage: Tournament of Power
– 5 New Parallel Quests
– 15 New Super Souls
– 2 New Armor Sets
– 1 New Accessory
– 8 New Skils

This is the same amount of new stuff we got in Extra Pack 3, outside of getting a new arena to fight in based on the Tournament of Power Arc of Dragon Ball Super. Also note that there were rumors around that a new Story Arc would be debuting in this DLC Pack and I can say those rumors were false. Outside of the story dialogue in the new PQs, there is no new story content.

broly 4 - fire fire fire

First of all, let’s talk about the characters. Broly and Gogeta both look very similar to the Broly and Gogeta that already exist in Xenoverse 2, outside of a color difference in Gogeta’s Fusion Outfit and Broly’s fur waist cover. I’ll be honest that, as a Dragon Ball fan, I’m saddened that they just used Broly’s Full-Powered version that looks extremely similar to the original Broly, rather than his armor design from the movie.

The big difference is that pretty much their entire movesets are completely new. All of their skills, be it Ultimates, Supers, and Evasives are entirely new. Not only does this give players a lot of new skills to get, but Gogeta Blue also has an interesting version of Super Kamehameha that’s exclusive to him where he can absorb the wave into himself to give himself a power boost.

Then we’ve got all the new missions and equipment. The good thing is they’ve tweaked the difficulty of these new quests. They are difficult, but aren’t absurdly difficult like the final mission from Extra Pack 3 put you against so many high AI top-tier characters that it was difficult to complete at all, let alone the Ultimate Finishes to get EP3’s new skills like Revenge Death Ball.

broly 2 - gogeta blue

THe balancing is good, though the actual equipment isn’t very exciting. Gogeta’s outfit is exacctly the same as the previous Gogeta costume, outside of the Orange outline of the costume now being Yellow. Then you’ve got the Broly Wig, which is slightly different, but we already have the Kefla and Broly wigs from previous Raids that don’t look all that different. To be simple, almost every new cosmetic item is extremely similar to stuff we already have so it feels like more of the same as opposed to something new.

So, how much is this pack worth? Honestly, it’s all about the two characters and the skills, which are all very unique, from Gogeta’s acrobatic and extremely flashy super moves. I’ll admit that I love Gogeta’s new Ultimate Skill, God Punisher, so much that I spent almost 2 hours in Multiplayer to fight RNG to get it to drop and pummeled the entire storyline with my new character using it.

Now, in terms of time, it’s the same song and dance as EP3. There are 5 new missions, each of which can be completed in around 10 minutes a pop. That gives you about 1 hour of new content, not counting all the times you’ll be repeating missions for skill and equipment drops. That being said, if any of the others are as bad on you as getting those Ultimates was on me, you could end up spending a good 10 hours to get everything unlocked.

broly 3 - pq

The only good I’ll say here is the fact that EP4 isn’t a battle of content vs the Free Update. While we did recently get a new Raid Boss Expert Mission mode in the this week’s free update to the game, it’s not something that eats through a ton of time like previous updates have done. Either way, it’s up to you to decide whether a single hour of quests and 2 characters is worth the 8 bucks to you.

In conclusion, Extra Pack 4 is a great way for spoiler-friendly gamers to prepare for the new Dragon Ball movie that’s coming to the West next month. It’s got some amazingly-flashy and useful new skills for characters to learn along with two very powerful and versatile characters to Xenoverse 2’s already-hefty roster. Unfortunately, the skills and characters are the only great things about this DLC with its new stage being extremely constricting and the cosmetics looking more like pallet swaps of previously-existing content.

Final Score: 7.5/10