DLC Title: Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 “Extra Pack Bundle”
DLC Type: Story Campaign, Playable Characters
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Price: $16.99 ($19.99 if the packs are bought separately)

Despite FighterZ being the new Dragon Ball game in the scene, Xenoverse 2 doesn’t fail to keep getting loads of support in the form of new patches and new DLC packs for people download and enjoy. This, of course, is great for handheld gamers. The Switch doesn’t have FighterZ (yet), but it does have Xenoverse 2 and its ever-expanding list of content.

Last month, I reviewed the initial “Season Pass” for Xenoverse 2 as a way to have reason in making a new Dragon Ball-themed review and to do a shout-out to my favorite Dragon Ball YouTubers. This month, we have loads of new Xenoverse content and I am just the person on this site to give you information and a review of it!

So, without further delay, here is my review of the new “Season Pass” for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, otherwise known as the Extra Pack Set!


EP’s new Story Scenario takes place after the end of Xenoverse 2’s prologue (along with solidifying the prologue as an alternate timeline and not part of the Main Xenoverse Timeline).

Time Distortions appear all over Conton City and a new characters known as Fu appears within them, mysteriously sapping energy from them and helping to restore them. Unsure whether Fu can be trusted, you are sent into the Time Rifts to correct changes to the Timeline and stop the source of these distortions.

The plot of this DLC Pack is so good because of how many different character interactions it gives you. There are 4 base scenarios from both Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball Z, showcasing character interactions from previously-released DLC characters that had no part in the story, but also because there are literally dozens of alternate branching paths for each of those scenarios. This gives you a lot of unique character interactions similar to how the Pre-Fight cinematics work in Dragon Ball FIghterZ when you have certain characters in your party.


Base Gameplay has not been changed, but a lot of gameplay features have been changed. BUt before getting to that, we need to clarify what content this DLC gives you and what it doesn’t. Dimps and Namco Bandai have been releasing both new DLC with new content as well as Free Updates with new content. So, let’s clarify where each bit of new content lies.

New Content in the Free Updates since the first Season Pass is detailed in the following:

– Hero Colosseum Mini-Game
– Burst Limit Ability for CaCs to give their team Super Armor once per battle
– Super Saiyan Blue transformation for CaCs (Custom Characters)
– Customization for Mentor Characters via Unlockable Skills and Costume Palette Swaps
– Friendship Levels with Mentors to unlock special Multi-Character Ultimate Attacks

New Content in Extra Packs 1 and 2 is detailed in the following:

– 8 New Playable Characters
– New Parallel Quests, Skills, Costumes, and Super Souls
– Infinite History Story Scenario

This is just for clarification. The Paid DLC is referring to the 7 new characters, Story Scenario, Missions, Skills, and Equipment. Super Saiyan Blue, Burst Limit, and Character Customization come in a Free Patch and don’t need to be bought.

Now, let’s take a look at what is new. Obviously, the biggest parts of the new content are the new story scenario and the inclusion of Jiren and Ultra Instinct Goku, two characters from the ending fight of Dragon Ball Super. It is worth noting that this is the first look Western Audiences have at the abilities of UI Goku as not even the Super anime in Japan has aired any footage of this new form in action.

The meat of this DLC is Infinite History, though. In Infinite History, you play through a 5-missions Story Scenario, but when you clear it, you gain the ability to have branching paths. Choose a different partner character for each scenario, and you unlock new mission parameters, different boss fights, and different story branches entirely, taking the story in a completely different direction.

In total, there are 10 base missions, 5 for each Story Path. Across each of these missions are Branching Routes, which affect which story branch you go to and Alternate Routes, where entire mission parameters are changed based on extra dialogue between your partner and the mission characters.

To put this into perspective, there are 23 total Branching Routes and 75 Alternate Paths across the whole Infinite History Game Mode. So, if you wanted to see all of the different Branching Paths, you will be spending roughly 5 and a half hours on the initial run and each Branching Path, and if you love character-to-character interactions, you could add another 12-13 hours for all of those paths.

So, let’s go into length. That Story Scenario has a potential of 15-18 hours of content on its own, and an additional hour could easily be used by playing the new PQs to unlock the new skills, equipment, and costumes. That’s a ton of content all crammed into a season pass and overshoots ths first Season Pass’s Length, and it had 2 extra story scenarios instead of just one.