Game Title: Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2
Platform: Nintendo Switch
DLC Title: DLC Bundle / Season Pass
DLC Type: Story Campaign / Playable Characters

I’ve had an itch to do a Dragon Ball-related video on YouTube for a long time now, and I’ve finally found a reason to do so. Although the upcoming Dragon Ball FighterZ is currently not coming to any current handhelds, I took a look back at the last Dragon Ball game I bought, which was Xenoverse 2 for the Nintendo Switch. Since I purchased it, I’ve easily logged over 210 hours into the game.

My initial review of the game skyrocketed in views, now sitting at over 21,000 views and is in the Top 25 videos on my channel for view count alone. One thing I never did, though, was go back and review the Downloadable Content available to the game. Now, I’ve got a chance to do that, with most of my Switch backlog finished and Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth – Hacker’s Memory about to take the stage for my next big review title.

So, let’s get started. Instead of making half a dozen reviews for each individual DLC pack, I’m going to divide this into two sections. First for the DLC Bundle / Season Pass for the initial set of DLC, and again next month for the two “Extra Pack” sets, which can also be bought together.

Here is my review of the “DLC Bundle” of Dragon Ball Super packs for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 for the Nintendo Switch!

**SPOILER WARNING! The rest of this section contains spoilers for Dragon Ball Super. If you have not watched the first 4 Story Arcs of Super, SKIP THIS SECTION**



Within this DLC Set are two new Story Scenarios that can be accessed as a continuation of the “Time Patrol” Story Campaign from Xenoverse 2’s storyline.
Scenario #1 takes place during the Universe 6 Tournament of Dragon Ball Super’s “God of Destruction Champa” arc. Goku is missing from the tournament, with You having to fulfill his role as Universe 6’s Hit, Cabba, and Frost appear to be under the control of an evil force. Taking the stage with the other Z Fighters, you must free them from the control of evil and restore the timeline to its proper course.

This scenario is unique in that it turns the tournament into a Tag Team match rather than 1 vs 1 but you really don’t see much of the U6 arc here. Players that have yet to play Dragon Ball Super will be a little confused as they go through this storyline.

Scenario #2 takes place during the Future Trunks arc of Dragon Ball Super. As Goku Black follows Future Trunks through time and back, he is amplified by the dark energy of the Demon Realm and the Time Patroller jumps in to ensure the Z Fighters victory, from the present timeline all the way to the Future Timeline.

Although, most of this arc remains unchanged from what is shown in Super, this one is especially nice for the DLC because you fight 4 missions and see almost the entire arc. In comparison, the Universe 6 Tournament DLC only showcases a small part of its own arc so they really expanded upon how much story content they show in this DLC Story Arc.


The gameplay of the game has not changed, but what we should go over is just what these sets of DLC adds to the game that wasn’t there prior. Although many people argue that the Switch version should’ve had DLC Packs 1-4 packed into the base game, that isn’t what happened, although the Xenoverse 1 Story Campaign DLC was free for the first month the game was out.

To quickly go over what we are getting here, the DLC Bundle costs roughly $22 USD if you buy it through the Japanese eShop like I did, and contains the following content and more:

– 9 Playable Characters
– 2 Story Arcs
– 2 Stages
– 12 Parallel Quests
– 22 New Skills for CaCs
– 11 Outfit Sets

Of course, that is a boatload of new content, especially for a fighting game. You can easily compare those 9 playable characters for 20 dollars to the recent Pokken Tournament DX DLC announcement that gives you only 2 new characters for 15 dollars. But still, comparing this DLC to overpriced DLC is hardly a way to fairly look at this content. Let’s dive a little deeper into the quality of this DLC.

So, we have 2 Story Arcs going across 7 total missions with cutscenes along the way. Then we have 12 new Parallel Quests, each with new skills, equipment, and Super Soul accessories to grind for to get to drop. FInally, on the meat of the DLC are 2 new Mentors, each with new sets of CaC Skills to teach you.

Tallying up the amount of length you’ll get out of this DLC is easy to put in hours upon hours upon hours, mostly due to the fact that getting Bojack to Teach You requires you to do an absurd amount of TP Medal Grinding, but let’s not put that into account for now. Outside of Bojack’s pre-requisite, the idea of getting all of the new PQ drops and completing the new story campaigns as well as at least playing around with the new characters, I would put Completion Time at around 5-10 hours, depending on how lucky you are with the PQ drops.

So, in essence, you get over half a dozen new characters for competitive Multiplayer along with a potential 10+ hours of new content for Single Player to assist in Story Expansions and CaC customization.