• For a console that’s been supposedly “dead” for the past 6 years, the Vita still to this day shows significant signs of life. With titles such as Stardew Valley, CyberThreat, Secret Of Mana, Deadblot and many more on the way, the Vita shows no signs of slowing down and Xenon Valkyrie is just the stepping stone of what’s to come.


After a breif introduction, Xenon Valkyrie waste no time throwing you right into it’s pixelated world with it’s gorgeous visuals graphics and great audio. Once done gathering in the sights your left with a retro roguelike platformer that incorporates RPG elements which will have you get to the deepest part of the moon and finish the plans of The wicked witch. Xenon Valkyrie looks and run phenomenally on Vita but it’s also worth noting that playing on a PSTV can make the game look a bit unoptimized for big screen play. should be fixed with a day one patch.


At the beginning of each stage you’ll start at the high point the map, dashing through enemies whilst making your way downward to a teleporter below in order to reach the next stage. Levels are randomly generated so there will never be one clear pattern of making it down of each Level. Think of it as a slower pace Spelunky.

Enemies/boss patterns are simple yet can prove to be difficult to attack with a short range melee weapon. Patience is key on completing every level as you’ll find yourself wanting to rush down as quickly as possible while only killing enemies in reach, paying little to no attention to your health bar. Playing this way could lead to frustration as you’ll find yourself dying multiple times.

Intsend the game will reward you if played with steady pacing, finding chests along the way, collecting XP, Coins and talent points. Which can be used to upgrade your character’s stats and buy new weapons.

They are 3 characters to choose from which one having thier own unique abilities. Fiddling around with them until you find a playing style that fits you will greatly help your experience. Rather if it’s Destroying the landscapes around, finding chests more easily or jumping high enough to reach certain places.

Having once played Xenon Valkyrie on PC I can honestly say that the Vita feels like a better match, as levels are can be completely in quick brusts and can be played as somethings to hop in and out if in between breaks or game titles you’re currently playing. Xenon Valkyrie manages to gets you engaged instantly with it’s perfect mixs of grinding and pacing.