Gun Gun Pixies Guide / Walkthrough

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I’ll refer to the game’s title as GGP to save space.

**If you want to search for anything, all missions will use the format C#M# So if you want to search for the 2nd mission of Chapter 3, search C3M2.**


[spoiler title=”Intro, Menu Navigation, How to Play, Controls”]

GGP is a Third-Person Shooter/3D Platformer about a duo of tiny Military “Pixies” from an alien planet infiltrating a Women’s College Dormitory in Japan in order to research human behavior to help repair social issues with their own race.

This guide will serve as a Non-Japanese User to navigate their way through the game via Story Synopsis for each chapter and Mission Objective Details.


All of the Main Menus in the game are in English, so there’s no need for a Menu Translation. From the Main Men, you have Story, Missions (Unlocked via Story Progression), Deck (Customization and Shop), and Options/Config.

During Story, your only menus will be different Rooms you can go into, and that’s pretty straight-forward. Pick a room and you enter that room for gameplay. If you press Triangle during the Room Selection Screen, there’s another menu that pops up with options. Those options are, from top to bottom:

Return to Title
Exit Menu

The Customize Menu speaks for itself. There are English words for each part you can equip. The Preferences Menu, however, are shown in the following order:

Audio Options
Camera Settings
Close Menu


After each chapter ends, new weapons and items become available in the game’s shop. It’s important to always go back to the Title Menu and visit the shop after each chapter ends to keep the difficulty from rising too high. The Shop sells Scopes for weapons, Weapons, and Lingerie and Costumes for the pixies to wear.

The Shop is easy to navigate as each category has an icon next to it to show you what you’re looking through. One tip, though. When browsing weapons, hit Triangle to see that weapon’s stats, like power, firing rate, etc.


The game’s arena is a large 3D environment, normally with the Giant Girl roaming around in the middle. All of the furniture and items are platforms used to climb up around the room to not only get to good vantage points, but find items that may be needed for an objective.

Stealth is key. The girls must NEVER find you or its Game Over. They can See You and Hear You, so you need to watch the Sight and Listen gauges to know when you’re about to be caught.

Finding what to do is either fighting girls or using the Search Feature. Hitting Triangle opens a Search Scope and you will see Sparkles near items needed for a Non-Combat Story Objective. If you can’t find something, always use Search to find your way.

Coins – There are coins scattered throughout each stage that can be collected to spend in the Shop on new Costumes, Weapons, Scopes, Lingerie, etc.

The Control Scheme is as follows for both the PS Vita and the PlayStation TV:

Left Stick – Move
Right Stick – Rotate Camera
D-Pad Down – Crouch/Crawl
D-Pad Up – Stand Up from Crouch Stance
L – Scope
R – Fire Weapon
X – Jump
Square – Dodge/Dash
Circle – Interact
Triangle – Search


Combat gameplay is shooting with your weapons. Each of your characters has a set weapon type, one being a handgun and one being an Assault Rifle. You take aim and fire like any other shooting game.

Sniper Points – Every stage has glowing green circles that are set as Sniper Vantage Points. While standing in these vantage points, your bullets drastically increase in power, allowing for mass damage against Squids and Bosses alike.

Body Parts – Each Giant Girl has body parts with their own HP bars. Fill it with damage to “defeat” this part and get a short little story scene. At the beginning, they will only have 3 parts (Head, Upper Body, Lower Body), but in later battles, they will have a significantly-higher amount of parts for Hip, Butt, Feet, Arms, Chest, Back, etc.

Squids – Squids are small Pixie-size enemies that appear in the later portions of the game. They will continually attack you for damage, making combat feel more like a standard Third Person Shooter and the girls more like “Boss Fights”.


You have 3 different kinds of stages. Search and Combat, Pacification, and Bathing.

Search & Combat – In these missions, you will have an objective that will either be attacking a girl’s body parts with your weapon until the Damage Gauge hits 100% or finding an object somewhere in the level (which can be searched with the Triangle Button / Search Feature). Later on, these stages also include smaller Squid Monsters you have to shoot down.

Pacification – These stages have a girl in the middle of the room interacting with some object, constantly firing off projectiles that will damage you. In these stages, you wait for openings and shoot at individual body parts until the girl is Pacified, which will always happen before ALL parts are defeated. These stages are also more difficult as the girls’ movement keeps you from drawing close. Whenever their body hits the ground, it will generate a wind barrier that keeps you from getting close.

Bathing – These stages are more for money-farming. You fire off shots at a girl in the bath tub until they move closer to you. At that point, you get interaction circles that let you jump onto the girl (normally her butt, crotch, or breasts) and massage them for mass currency gain. These also normally only last about a minute and cannot be “lost”.



Chapter Zero: Training

Mission 1 – Pacification Tutorial

This mission is pretty straight-forward. The girl in front of you is doing Yoga so just hit the R trigger to start firing off shots at her. Watch out for the Hearts that she shoots at you as they damage you. If you run out of ammo, the Blue objects to the girl’s right are ammo refills. But just keep firing off shots at her different body parts and it will eventually end.
Mission 2 – Leave the Room

This is basically a bunch of tutorials. You start out on a shelf, so ease your way off onto the platforms around you to not die from the fall and simply walk to the big door and hit Circle at the prompt to exit the room.

Mission 3 – Room A or C – Stealth and Sniper Tutorial

Carefully navigate the narrow space given to you, making sure to stay out of the Giant Girl’s Red Sights. Climb up the books behind the furniture and step into the glowing green Sniper Point. After the tutorial ends, simply aim with L and shoot at her until you damage a body part enough and you’ll end this mission.

*Note that right after the Mission Results screen is a prompt with a ? at the end of it. This is asking you to save. The option on the left is to Save Your Game. Since this is a Japanese game, confirming a save is done with Circle instead of X.




[spoiler title=”Chapter 1 Story Synopsis”]

Two Pixies from the Galactic Military (Usamael aka Pink Hair and Kamerial aka Blue Hair) descend upon Planet Earth in order to study human behavior for the benefit of their own species. They descend and land inside a Woman’s Dormitory, noting that everything on Earth is several times as large to them. Concealing their ship in the kitchen, they begin venturing through the rooms to watch the 3 dorm residents and learn what types of Food humans like to eat, particularly Cake, Curry, and Sugar-Free Gum. [/spoiler]


CHAPTER 1 Walkthrough

C1M1 – Collect Information from Amayo, Kira, and Misa

Happy Bullets are Your Ammo. Your goal is to go into Rooms A and C and collect information from all 3 of the girls. Room A is easy, since Amayo is sitting at her desk. Just don’t get too close to set off her Hearing Alarm. Room B is more difficult as Kira is walking about. Head and climb the stereo on the far side of the room and use the Sniper Point to take out any part. Then, you need to head out of the room and back in to do the same to Misa (Purple Hair). Once you do, the mission ends.

C1M2 – Examine Trash for Food Scraps

The objective is self-expanatory. there is a Trash Can in each room. Find your way into them and examine them when the prompt comes up and the mission will end.

For Room A, you’ll need to get on top of Amayo’s Desk and drop down into it. You can do this either by climbing the steps on the bunk beds and jump onto the desk, or go under the desk towards the corner and climb up some books. Either way, just drop into the trash can, hit Circle at the prompt and leave the room.

For Room C, immediately head left and get onto the first bed via book platforms. Then just go across the TV stand to the other bed, and drop down into her trash can and hit Circle at the prompt.

After finding the trash can, hit your Searcher and you’ll see a Sparkle on top of Misa’s Desktop Tower. Head over to the Stereo from the last mission and use the stack of CDs to get onto her desk. Once you’re on the Tower, face the big poster on the wall and hit Circle at the prompt. There are also prompts at the 2 posters behind the desk, itself (If they don’t come up with Searcher, try going out of the room and back in) and return to Room A.

Back in Room A , use your Searcher to see that the animal posters above the computer desk are your next objective. Head up to the desk and onto the railing. Hit Circle at the Prompt and do the same for the poster on the left side of the desk.

The final clue is the pack of gun in the shelves on the left side of Amayo’s Desk. Interact with them and leave the room to end the mission.

C1M3 – Neutralize Kira

Head into Room C, the only one available, and start shooting at Kira. You need to neutralize her Head, Upper Body, and Lower Body to finish this mission.


C1M4 – Pacify Amayo – Yoga

Head into Room A and do a Pacification which is the same one you did during the Tutorial. Be careful of getting too close to Amayo, as she can knock you out or away with her body movement. This one is easy enough to dodge the hearts. I head to the Sniper Point under the Coffee Table and constantly fire. If you get hit, just re-adjust and hit Circle to restore your outfit and resume firing until it ends.

C1M5 – Bathing with Amayo

Fire at Amayo until she gets out of the bath. When Red/Pink circles appear around her, go to one and hit circle to jump on her. Now, just spin the Left Stick to get huge money. Once it’s over, simply save the prompt to end Chapter 1 and unlock the Mission option from the Title Menu

*Note that The Shop updates with new weapons every Chapter so be sure to go in and upgrade your guns. You can also use the Bath Event from the Mission option from the Title Menu, so if you want to farm for money, head into it and do it over and over until you have your desired amount of money.



[spoiler title=”Chapter 2 Story Synopsis”]
The Pixies begin learning about the girls’ hobbies and are distracted from their mission when strange Squid Monsters invade the dorm and the girls’ Pesticide threatens to poison and kill our Tiny Heroines. Can they Pacify them in time to survive the incoming threats?


Chapter 2 Walkthrough

C2M1 – Defeat the Squids Invading Amayo’s Room!

This mission is tricky. You can aim and fire at the Squids to kill them, but you also need to be careful not to get caught by Amayo at the the same time. The Coffee Table can be used as cover, so use that and get high to stay away from her as you fight off the blue squids.

There are Squids Under the Coffee Table, On the Bed, On the Shelf by the window, and one over by the plant. Once they’re all dead, the mission ends.

C2M2 – Finding and Stopping the Bug Spray (3-Stage Mission)

Objective 1 – Find the Bug Spray

You start in a room with Kira sitting in front of the stereo. Ignore her and climb the beds like we did in the Trash Mission. But when you’re on the TV Stand, stop by the electrical outlet. The door will open and let you teleport across the room. After teleporting, turn to your left (The character’s left) and jump onto the large cabinet. Ignore the Squids (or kill them. Your choice) and interact with the Bug Spray.

Objective 2 – Stop Misa from Poisoning the Room

Now we’ve got a problem. Bug Spray is toxic to pixies and Misa is spraying it everywhere. Find a good Sniper Point and pummel her with Happy Bullets. You need to take out her Head, Upper Body, and Lower Body

Objective 3 – Open the Window to Air out all of the remaining Bug Spray

Now that Misa is gone, you need to open the window. Since you’re too small to lift it, you have to shoot it. Amayo is roaming around and you can’t aim at the window from the Stereo Speaker’s Sniper Point. The best area is to climb onto the desk and onto the tall edge (where you can see the shelf and window). Once there, the squids can’t touch you. Just make sure Amayo doesn’t see you and fire until the window’s HP bar runs down. Once that’s done, this multi-segment mission will end.


C2M3 – Pacifying Kira and the Humidifer

Now that the window has been opened, the girls want the room cooled off. Unfortunately for you, Cold Mist will cause the pixies to freeze to death, so you’ve got to pacify this crazed popsicle-sucking humidifier-riding girl.

First off, staying out in the open is very difficult as she sends a massive wave of projectiles your way. What I do is immediately run straight to the stereo and hide behind it. The projectiles eventually stop as the humidier cools off. Use this opportunity to jump onto the speaker and utilize its Sniper Point to do damage and rinse and repeat when she starts riding the humidifier again.

C2M4 – Bathing with Kira

Same deal as with Amayo. Shoot, Interact, and it’ll be over soon. Once this finishes, Chapter 2 Ends and you can choose Kira from the Bath Time Missions from the Main Menu. Also, new Shop Inventory, so be sure to upgrade.


[spoiler title=”Chapter 3 Story Synopsis”]
Story Synopsis: The Mystery of the Squids only deepens as a new visitor moves into the Dorm, with an array of mysteries and a Dark Secret. Can the Pixies protect the other girls and Minami from the Dark Forces that manipulate her?


Chapter 3 Walkthrough


C3M1 – Finding and Exploring Minami’s Room

Objective 1 – Find Minami’s Room by Collecting Info from Amayo

There’s a new resident, so it’s time to discover their room and explore it! Start by heading into Room A and pelting Amayo with Happy Bullets until she spills the info. Then, simply leave and enter Room B, which is Minami’s room, filled with plenty of ominous objects from a broomstick to a Black Magic Crest on her carpet.

Objective 2 – Clear Minami’s Room of Squid Monsters

Upon entering, everyone’s favorite squid monsters show up, so let’s take them all out. Without a girl to avoid, this should be pretty easy to do. Note that there’s a new enemy type. The White/Cream-colored squid will retract under its helmet if its hit, so hit it with a gun with high firing rate or simply jump on top of it after it hides to kill it.

Note that there are multiple waves of these enemies. The 1st Wave is on the floor, while the 2nd is on Minami’s Bed and various shelves. Use the bunk’s step-ladder to access these areas as well as a case of CDs near her desk. Navigating all of the high shelves is an option, but a tricky one as one false move and you’ll fall and get a Game Over. Once you take them all out, Minami comes into the room, depressed and curls up in front of her desk.

Objective 3 – Collect Information from Minami via Happy Bullets

Pretty simple. Shoot Minami with Happy Bullets. This is very easy as there’s a Sniper Point on a shelf right next to her. Just be careful and watch Minami’s Hearing Gauge as you climb so she doesn’t hear you. Shoot her anywhere (but the head is the obvious target) and watch the scene about why Minami is so depressed.

Once it’s over, simply leave the room to finish the mission.

C3M2 – Fight to Research the Squid Monsters

Objective 1 – Fight Off the Squids

It’s time to try to figure out the Mystery of these squid monsters. First of all, you have a few waves of enemies to fight through. Since Minami is asleep, no need to hold back. There are 4 waves this time, starting from the floor and moving onto the shelves near the Laptop Desk.


Objective 2 – Find Clues for Minami’s Blog Password

Time to Get Minami’s Password and access all of her precious information! But we need clues. So hit that Triangle Button for your Searcher because there are a few objects you look at, all media-related.

One is the Visual Novels on the bookshelf by Minami’s Bed (followed by the books on the bottom shelf of the same bookshelf) and the others are the Game Cases and Poster on the shelves next to the computer desk for Lagrangian Online. The final clue is in her trash can, which can be accessed from the computer desk by jumping to the shelf above it and dropping down into it.

Once you find them all, the Pixies will start learning about Lagrangian Online and be interrupted by the other girls calling for Minami.

Objective 3 – Wake Up Minami

This is where things get interesting. To wake Minami up, head over to her bed and shoot the strange Rabbit-like doll next to her alarm clock. One its HP drops to zero, you get an incredibly creepy scene with the doll talking to you.

There’s also a dialogue choice here once Minami wakes up, but it doesn’t matter what you choose. It just affects the dialogue in the scene.

C3M3 – Supply Drop

Objective 1 – Find the Supply Drop

Your Commander has dropped you new uniforms, so head into Room A to find them. The easy way to do this is to head up to Amayo’s Desk and using the Electrical Outlet to a shelf on the wall. Next to you is a strange Green Cube. Grab it and change into your new, sexy police woman costumes!

C3M4 – Pacifying the Possessed Minami

Objective 1 – Pacify Minami

Minami is possessed and doing some sort of strange ritual, so pacify her quick and fast. The biggest thing about this boss fight is that she is almost constantly moving. But she will stop every so often in the center of the room as she chants an incantation. Take advantage of this to fire as much as possible but be careful as she will fire off dozens of projectiles when this is over. Patience and proper dodging will make this boss fight last awhile, but not terribly long.

A very easy way to do this is to go to the Sniper Point right next to the Black Chair and Footrest. Every time you get hit, just hit Circle to heal and keep firing over and over. Just be careful of the blue projectiles as they can knock you away from the Sniper Point.

Objective 2 – Access Minami’s Laptop

Now that Minami is down, head to her laptop to check out her blog and see her emotions run high and low when she goes to update it.

Objective 3 – Break the Picture Frame

Very simple. You need Minami to notice the photo on her table So take aim at the picture frame next to her computer desk and knock its HP down to break it.

C3M5 – Bath Time with Minami

Same as with the others. Shoot, Grope, and Enjoy the Mad Flow of Coins towards your new upgrades as the chapter comes to an end and the next chapter begins!

[spoiler title=”Chapter 4 Story Synopsis”]

Neptune and Noire (from the Hyperdimension Neptunia franchise) transfer in and join the Girls’ Dorm. The Pixies study and are baffled by their hobbies and attitudes towards the other girls and each other. They also learn that the Squid Monsters are Technology-based and can infect Earth Tech with viruses.



Chapter 4 Walkthrough

C1M1 – Neptune’s Memory Card

You have a choice of 3 different quests to do here, but I love doing Neptune’s because of all the game references that are made by her and the pixies.

Objective 1 – Find Neptune’s Memory Card

Your objective is to find Neptune’s lost Memory Card, but you need clues first. There’s a new enemy here. The Purple Squid doesn’t hurt your HP, but he grabs and proceeds to hump you, draining some of your ammo. Also note that Nep-Nep is on her hands and knees, so you can’t hide from her sight underneath furniture. You have to always be behind or away from her.

To get info, simply attack Nep with your Happy Bullets. You’ll need to take out her Head, Upper Body, Lower Body, and Butt. Once that is done, the Memory Card will appear in the room.

*Note that the Memory Card will not always appear in the same place. Use your Searcher to find it. I’ve found it on the Window Shelf but I’ve also had it appear on the TV Stand, so it’s semi-random.

Now that you have the Memory Card, go place it on the Coffee Table so Nep can find it.

Objective 2 – Protect the Memory Card from the Squids

This is simple. There are a bunch of waves of enemies, so take them all out. Do be careful to keep out of Neptune’s sight. The 1st 2 waves spawn on the coffee table, the 3rd on the Floor, the 4th on the Couch, and the 5th on the Floor and Table. Be careful during the last 3 waves, as Neptune will move and look around the coffee table. Always make sure that seeing her is a priority.

Objective 3 – Defeat the Squids

Just like last time. Take out all enemies but without Neptune patrolling around the room. There are several waves to take out. They start around the coffee table and extend to the computer desk and beds.
C1M2 – Nep-Nep is Studying?

Objective 1 – Find Out what Neptune is Studying/Reading

Very simple. Neptune is reading at the computer desk, so just head up there and you’ll get a scene with the pixies seeing what kind of studying she is doing (As if Nep ever studies)

Objective 2 – Defeat the Surprise Attack

Fighting Squids but in a confined space. Quickly defeat them and make your way back to the computer desk. More waves will spawn as you move along, but keep fighting them and you’ll eventually make it back. Once you do and interact with the books underneath the desk (the ones you stand on to jump up onto the desk from behind. Use your Searcher), more Squids will appear on the beds. Take them out to end the mission.

C1M3 – Neptune’s Yoga Session

Objective 1 – Pacify Neptune

This is almost the same pacification you did with Amayo but with Neptune, so do the same strategies you did there and you’ll make short work of this. Note that you also have Squids roaming around, so make sure to keep moving or head up to a high vantage point.

If you can get up on the shelf under the window and get the purple squids to attack, miss, and fall off (They respawn if you kill them so getting them to fall off and be stuck on the floor is far better than constantly fighting them), you have a very easy boss fight. Most of the hearts don’t have knockback so the moment you get hit, just tap Circle to heal and keep firing. You should only have to leave to refill ammo once before this is over.

Objective 2 – Bath Time with Nep-Nep

Same ole Same ole. Shoot. Grope. Get Cash.

But this isn’t the end of the Chapter! Since Neptune and Noire leave after this chapter, you have one more boss fight to do.


C1M3 – Pacifying Noire, the Pole-Dancer

Objective – Pacify Noire

Who told Noire it was okay for her to Pole Dance? First the secret Magical Girl Cosplay thing and now this?!

This boss fight is tricky to figure out, but easy when you know where to go. You cannot stay close to Noire, because she repeatedly falls off the pole and will hurt you and send you flying. Head back to the Stereo Speaker because your weapons have mad range. Hit the Sniper Point and fire to your Heart’s Content.

The Hearts she sends out are so far away that they will never reach you, but the Stars you need to be wary of. They have knockback so you need to reposition and heal immediately whenever they hit you. Other than that, it’s just a matter of shooting and healing. One thing to make things easier is to make sure you fire at her and take out a body part right as she is getting back on the pole. That will cause her to fall on her back in a daze, letting you get a ton of damage in.

Objective 2 – Bath Time with Noire

Same as the rest. Shoot her, Grope Her, and Get Mad Cash. This will end the Chapter and conclude Neptune and Noire’s cameo appearances in GGP. As always, hit up the Shop for upgrades.


[spoiler title=”Chapter 5 Story Synopsis”]
Kira and Misa’s sister appears and moves in, teaching the Pixies how hard it can be to have fights with your own family.



Chapter 5 Walkthrough

C5M1 – Find Eli

Objective 1 – Get Misa Out of Minami’s Room

You need to collect information after what we just witnessed coming from Minami and Misa’s intrusion is in the way. So, attack one of her body parts with your Happy Bullets and she’ll leave the room.

Note that there’s a new enemy type here. The larger Yellow Squid is basically a stronger version of the Cream-colored one. Hit him once and he will hide under his helmet.

Objective 2 – Collect Information about Eli’s Hiding Spot

Leave the room and head back in to see that Minami is back. We need to collect information from her so go in and attack her with Happy Bullets for each Body Part that you can (Head, Upper Body, Butt, Lower Body).

The Head and Upper Body are easy from the shelf near her computer’s Sniper Point. The Lower Body and Butt are significantly harder. The enemies around will endlessly respawn, so you need to learn to get distance from them while firing on Minami. If need be, just stun the Yellow Striped Squids so they’ll hide as you fire on the girl. Lower Body can be targeted from anywhere, but her Butt you generally need to be close to the chair for, so you need to watch both where enemies are and her Hearing Gauge if you get too close.

Objective 3 – Expose Eli’s Hiding Spot

Now that we have the info we need, make Eli come out of hiding by firing your weapons on the large cabinet next to the door out of Minami’s Room. As soon as the HP bar hits 0, you’ll get a scene.

Note that it’s extremely easy to get swarmed by the ever-increasing mob of Squids on the floor, so I suggest you not worry about Sniper Points and jump up onto the table with the skull. Stand on the skull and aim for the center of the cabinet. It’ll be a slow process, but much safer than having to constantly deal with a dozen or more Squids.

Once she comes out, its Mission Complete. Wait until you regain control and leave Minami’s room for the next story scene.

C5M2 – Stubborn Misa

Objective 1 – Get Misa out of the Room

Pretty clear objective. Shoot Misa with Happy Bullets to get her out of the room. When you finish damaging her, leave the room when she seems to be unaffected by the Happy Bullets for a story scene that ends the mission. Pretty simple compared to others.

C5M3 – Pacify Misa – Pole Dancing

Objective 1 – Pacify Misa

Your goal is to head into Misa’s room now to see her Pole-Dancing and pacify her for the reason she’s doing it. (You can optionally head to the other 2 rooms to shoot Happy Bullets at Amayo and company to find tidbits of more info on what is bothering Misa so much and how much both the girls and the Pixies are worried about her).

This is similar to the Pole Dancing fight against Noire, but Misa has more HP. As such, you’ll likely need to refill your ammo twice for this boss fight rather than just once. She also has a move late in the Pacification that Noire did not have, where she will twirl herself around the pole (and not fall). She moves quite a bit during this so you may need to keep a steady aim or just stop firing until this animation stops.

Otherwise, just use the same strategy you used against Noire and this should be over quickly.

Objective 2 – Bath Time with Misa

You know what to do. Shoot her, grope her, and get a bunch of cash in the process. Once this is over, you get a heartfelt scene between Misa and Eli, you unlock the Hookshot ability (which I’ll explain in the next chapter), and the chapter ends, so remember to upgrade your items before heading into Chapter 6!


[spoiler title=”Chapter 6 Story Synopsis”]
The Pixies are caught off-guard as The Mysterious Thief being shown all over the TV News breaks into the dorm while the girls are out and runs amok with an army of Squids.


Chapter 6 Walkthrough

C6M1 – Neutralize The Mysterious Thief

Objective 1 – Protect the Dorm from The Thief

First order of business is to neutralize the threat the thief poses to the dorm. But there are 2 things to go over first. If you look to your left, a new Squid has appeared. This “Giant” Blue Squid is tough to kill, and spawns 5 tiny squids (even smaller than the pixies) upon being defeated.

Next, Hookshot. Did you notice all of those strange glowing icons on platforms that look like blue cross-hairs? Those are Hookshot Targets. Now that we have the Hookshot ability, simply aim your weapon at these targets and tap R to grapple up, removing a huge amount of hassle in platforming.

But back to The Mysterious Thief. You need to be very careful around her, as she is looking for something and that means her perception is much higher than the other girls. If she starts looking in your direction, run. Not only does her Sight Gauge fill up very quickly, but she can see where some of the girls can’t. There’ve been many times where she’s looked at the shelf with the sniper point and I would hide behind a book and she’d still be able to spot me.

Outside of that, business as usual. Fire off your Happy Bullets to try to deter this thief from, well, thieving. The Shelf Sniper Point can work if she’s not looking, though. Just note that each time you defeat a single body part, you respawn on the floor. So feel free to try to find a better vantage point that doesn’t require as much climbing and re-climbing.

Once you take out her Butt, Head, Upper Body, and Lower Body, she will retreat.

Objective 2 – Chase After the Thief

The thief may have retreated from Minami’s room, but we can’t let her get away! Head to Room C to find her snooping around on the girls’ Desktop Computer. Grapple up to the dresser right behind her to get her to leave for good and end the mission.
C6M2 – What’s Misa Doing in That Outfit?!

Objective 1 – Collect Information from Misa

Now that Misa has the most ridiculous Computer-using outfit in the world, we need information from her, so you know what to do. Start shooting her with Happy Bullets.

Note that you can easily do this from the Sniper Point on the dresser we just grappled onto during the Break-In, but the camera doesn’t play well with the wall behind it so the moment you aim at her, you will see a book and nothing else.

Outside of that, this is like when we had to shoot Minami while she was sitting at her computer desk. Head, Upper Body, Butt, Lower Body. Since this is a different room, note that there is an Ammo Refill on the TV Stand (there aren’t any on the floor level).

Once all 4 parts are damaged, you learn the innocent nature of what Misa is doing (unlike her outfit) and the mission ends.
C6M3 – Retrieve Data Left by The Thief

Objective 1 – Visit Sniper Points in Amayo’s Room

Self-explanatory. The pixies want to find data that the Thief left behind, so visit all 5 of the Sniper Points in the room and interact with them, as if you would if you were damaged and needed to heal. The locations of them are:

1. Under the Coffee Table
2. On the Computer Desk next to the bed
3. The Dresser underneath the Window
4. On top of the Shelf above the couch (Grapple up to it from the back of the couch)
5. On top of the shelf above the TV Stand

Be very careful when moving around. Not only does Amayo move much faster in this mission, but there are tons of all breeds of Squids all over the place. Once you find all 5 points, though, leave the room.

Objective 2 – Visit Sniper Points in Minami’s Room

Apart from the near-shock of the room loading and Eli literally crashing her butt down inches in front of you (or in the middle of the room. It’s random), same deal as Amayo’s Room. Find the 5 Sniper Points and interact with them. Their locations are:

1. On the floor next to the Black Leather Footrest + Chair
2. On the Red Dresser on the same wall as the Black Leather Chair (Grapple up from the floor)
3. On the shelf behind the head board of Minami’s Bed (Grapple from the floor)
4. On the shelving next to the computer (You should know where this is by now from how many times I’ve referenced it in this guide. Climb the CD case next to the outlet on the floor and make your way up to it)
5. On the TV Stand

Once again, Eli looks around a lot and there are Squids everywhere. Be careful and use the Sniper Points for healing when necessary. Once you’re found all 5, leave the room.

Objective 3 – Visit Sniper Points in Room C

Kira and Misa are out, so you are free to explore and find the Sniper Points of this room at your leisure. Well, aside from avoiding Squids. The locations are:

1. In the middle of the room on the carpet
2. On the Stereo Speaker
3. The Dresser behind the computer stand (where we went to end the Thief mission)
4. On the Red Shelf above the TV Stand (Access by grappling from the 1st bed to the TV and then to the shelf next to it)
5. Silver Box next to the 1st bed (From #4, jump across the shelves on the wall the door is on and drop down onto the hanging bag and then the box)

Just like before, leave the room when you visit all 5 Sniper Points.
C6M4 – Searching for More Data

Objective 1 – Look for Data from Misa’s PC

Well, the Sniper Point Data was a bust, so let’s try Plan B. The objective here is to examine the PC in Kira and Misa’s room. So head into their room, grapple up to the desk and interact with the side of the tower. Go ahead and ignore the Squids (Trust me. With what’s coming in the next 2 chapters, you want to deal with them as little as possible right now)

Objective 2 – Keep Eli from Reading in the Dark and Ruining Her Eyes

The next objective is in Minami’s Room, so go ahead and head over there. The only girl awake is Eli, whom is reading a nice Doujinshi Manga. So we’re going to ruin her night by destroying it. Head up to the top bunk and fire at it until the HP runs out and watch her freak out as the mission ends.
C6M5 – Pacifying Eli’s Exercise Session

Objective – Pacify Eli

As if we were done ruining Eli’s day. She somehow brought a treadmill into Minami’s room and is trying to use it, so you know the drill. Fire, Fire, and Fire some more.

The thing with this is that Eli sends off so many Hearts and Blue Projectiles that you can’t camp at a Vantage point. By the time you get hit and get back up, a dozen more projectiles explode in your face. So your strategy here needs to be firing at her as you circle around the treadmill until she takes a break and steps off for a moment. That’s your cue to grab the Sniper Point on the floor and let her have it. Hit her knees while she’s recovering and she’ll fall on the ground, letting you do even more damage.

Once you get her down to low HP, she will be so tired that she will crawl on the treadmill instead of running and the projectiles will become much faster as the Blue shots will be replaced by Stars. They will also fire off when she rests (when the treadmill literally throws her off), so constantly move until the Pacification is over.

Objective 2 – Bath Time with Eli

Now that we’ve destroyed her Manga and wrecked her Treadmill session, we’re gonna give Eli a break, right? Wrong. Usamael is going to exploit her love of touching another woman’s bare skin and infiltrate the Bathroom.

Same as always. Shoot, Grope, Get Money. This ends the Chapter, so don’t forget to grab new equipment from the Shop.


[spoiler title=”Chapter 7 Story Synopsis”]
Story Synopsis: The Pixies protect the dorm from a Squid Invasion of Massive Proportions while feeling conflicted about their orders not to pursue information regarding the Galactic Criminal, the Mystery Thief.


Chapter 7 Walkthrough

C7M1 – Squids in Amayo’s Room!

Objective 1 – Cheer Up Minami

Simple enough. Head into Minami’s room and shoot her with Happy Bullets. Depending on where she starts, you may want to either use the TV Stand’s Sniper Point for this or the shelving next to the laptop. If she spawns right in front of you, the TV Stand is too close. But just attack her until one body part is defeated and you’ll get some story scenes to go through.

Objective 2 – Dorm Defenders: Amayo’s Room

The Squids are invading heavy, so be prepared to spend a VERY long time fighting them off in all of the rooms. You will have waves and all variations of Squids to deal with. So, just get to it. Kill them, wait for the next wave, and repeat the process until you’re done. Remember that the Purple Squids always drop Ammo Refills so watch for them and your ammo count.

The locations the waves will be are as follows:

1st Wave – Floor, Coffee Table, and Window Shelf
2nd Wave – Floor near Coffee Table, Couch, Bed, Desk, TV Stand
3rd Wave – Floor, Back of Couch, Top Bed, Top of Desk, On top of TV
4th Wave – Square Shelf above Silver Boxes (Next to Window), Plant, Chair at Desk, Doorknob of door to leave room, Railing between Bed and Underneath Desk (This one was hard to find)

Once you kill all of the enemies from Wave 4, you get a scene and the mission ends, but don’t get too cozy. Things are just heating up.
C7M2 – Squid Cleanup

Objective 1 – Dorm Defenders: Minami’s Room

The Squids are back and we’ve got lots more waves to take out. There’s also a new enemy here. A Giant Red Squid, which has a long-ranged attack. In Minami’s room, here are the locations for the enemies of each wave:

1st Wave – Floor Level
2nd Wave – File Cabinet Top, Bed, TV Stand, Window
3rd Wave – Computer, Top Bed, Shelf behind Bed, Red Dresser next to Filing Cabinet, Top of TV
4th Wave – Top of DVD Cabinet, Top of Window (Shelf above the window) & the computer shelf right next to the window shelf, High shelf in the corner (between the blue staff and broomstick), Top of Clothing Cabinet (Where Eli was hiding earlier in the game)
5th Wave – Floor

Note that the mobs on top of the tall clothing cabinet during Wave 4 can be fired upon from the floor and if hit from the right angle, will come falling to the ground so you don’t have to climb up there to get em.

Once the 5th wave is down, the background music will go silent, signaling that you need to leave the room.

Objective 2 – Dorm Defenders: Rika and Misa’s Room

Same thing as the last 2 rooms again. Fight off all the waves of Squids. Get ready for a challenge in its final waves, though, as platforming comes into play and not being careful enough will lead you to fall to your death and have to start over from Wave 1.

Here are their locations as they come in:

1st Wave – Floor
2nd Wave – Beds, TV Stand
3rd Wave – High Shelves above the Beds
4th Wave – Top of Clothing Cabinet next to Door, Top of Dresser next to Clothing Cabinet, Top of Air Conditioner in corner of room, Clothes Line above Window
5th Wave – Computer Desk + Chair, Floor Underneath Deck
6th Wave – Floor (All Giant Blue Squids)

The hard part, as I said above, is that a lot of these mobs spawn very high in the air. A fair number of them can be sniped from the ground or on the beds, but the Clothing Cabinet, the Yellow Squids above the Beds, and the Air Conditioning mobs cannot. So, when you go up you have to be careful as it’s very easy to get hit with knockback to knock you off the platform to your death. If you’re fighting Yellow mobs, I highly suggest stunning them before heading to their platform.

But once all 6 waves are dealt with, the music stops and you can leave.

Objective 3 – Dorm Defenders: Amayo’s Room Mk. 2

Just when you thought it was over, it’s not. There are more Squids in Amayo’s room so we have to take them out as well. You know the drill. Here are the locations of each wave as they spawn:

Wave 1 – Floor
Wave 2 – Floor
Wave 3 – Bed
Wave 4 – Computer Desk
Wave 5 – Top Bed
Wave 6 – Above the Window, Top of Clothing Cabinet, Square Shelf above couch

This mission is very dangerous as nearly every wave tries to get you in a confined space with a huge group of enemies, especially when Wave 3 happens. But just lure them away from the others or snipe from a vantage point and it will be easily manageable.

Another thing you’ll notice is a distinct lack of ammo refills in normal locations. The mobs in this mission don’t spawn Purple Squids often, so you need to rely on the Ammo Refills in the stage, itself. If you run out without enemy drops, check the top of the couch and the bookshelf on the desk for a refill.

Once Wave 6 is killed, you’re finally done.
C7M3 – Pacify Rika – Pole Dancing

Objective 1 – Pacify Rika

Pacify Rika. This is the same as Misa, but there are Squids wandering about on the floor. If you used the Speaker Sniper Point in the past, do it here as well so the Squids cannot get to you. You also need to watch out for Stars as they not only give knockback but they will knock you off the speaker.

Otherwise, just keep shooting until the Pacification is complete.

Objective 2 – Bath Time with Rika

Just like everyone else. Shoot, Grope, Get Money. End Chapter. Be sure to go grab your upgrades before the Final Chapter is here!


[spoiler title=”Chapter 8 Story Synopsis”]
Story Synopsis: Eli is gone and presumed to be the Mysterious Thief. Misa, Rika, and Minami have a mental breakdown and lock themselves in their rooms and Amayo cries out for help. In response, the Pixies abandon their mission and risk their own futures to help the girls.


Chapter 8 Walkthrough

C8M1 – Where is Eli?

Objective 1 – Shoot Rika with Happy Bullets

Once again, very simple (to make up for that crazy fighting we just did with the Squids). Shoot Rika until one part is damaged and you’ll get a story scene.

Objective 2 – Search for Clues in Amayo’s Room

You need to find things laying around in the room that don’t belong. Some of them are pretty easy to find, others not so. Your searcher is key. Here’s what you need to find:

1. Trash Wads on the Coffee Table
2. Razor on the Computer Desk

You also have to interact with the railing on the bed directly behind Amayo’s head. Use your searcher to see exactly where as it’s not easy to find.

Once you find all 3, leave the room.

Objective 3 – Search for Clues in Minami’s Room

Once again, you’ve got a few things to interact with. Use the searcher to find them, but here’s what you need to find:

1. Minami’s Laptop
2. Minami’s Photo next to the computer desk
3. The bed railing directly behind her head (just like with Amayo)
4. The Pillow on the Top Bed/Bunk

Once you find them all, leave the room.

Objective 4 – Check on Rika and Misa

Same deal here. You’ve got a few things to find, so use your Searcher. Here are the locations you’re looking for:

1. Bed Railing behind Rika’s Head
2. Bed Railing behind Misa’s Head

Once you’re done with those, leave the room to end the mission.
C8M2 – Lifting Spirits

Objective 1 – Encourage Amayo with Happy Bullets

Exactly as it sounds. Even Amayo is despairing and she needs encouragement. Shoot her full of Happy Bullets to knock out one body part and she will leave the room.

Once she does, you should leave the room as well.

Objective 2 – Clear Minami’s Room of Squids

Amayo is over by Minami and as long as you don’t walk directly in front of her, you don’t need to worry about her until Wave 5 The Squids are keeping Minami unconscious so we need to take em out!

Wave 1 – Floor
Wave 2 – Floor
Wave 3 – Floor
Wave 4 – Filing Cabinet, Dresser, Box under the Bed Stepladder
Wave 5 – Top Bed
Wave 6 – High Shelves near Broomstick, Top of Clothes Cabinet, Shelf Above Window

As said above, Wave 5 is the dangerous section. You’ll be fighting on the top bunk, so you need to make sure you’re not close to where Amayo is, or she’ll be able to hear you fighting. Stay close to the stepladder and you won’t have an issue.

Once all 6 waves are finished, you awaken Minami and leave the room.

Objective 3 – Clear Rika and Misa’s Room

As before, Amayo is standing by Misa and Rika, trying to wake them up. So, it’s another mission to take out waves of Squids until they do. Here are their locations:

Wave 1 – Floor
Wave 2 – Floor
Wave 3 – Floor
Wave 4 – Floor
Wave 5 – Floor, Window Shelf, Desk
Wave 6 – Top of Dresser, Shelves above Beds and Door

Most of these waves aren’t hard to get to, but during Wave 6, there’s one group of enemies on a shelf above Misa’s bed. Since Amayo is watching at the TV stand, you have to grapple up on the other side of the room to the dresser, the clothing cabinet, and then hop over platforms until you get over there. So whenever you do this, make sure to be careful as if you fall and die, you start over from Wave 1.

Once Wave 6 is down, though, you’re finished and get a scene.
C8M3 – Discover the Truth

Objective 1 – Search Minami’s Room for Answers

This is a Search Mission and a long one at that. Each item you need to find is in a specific order and you need your Searcher heavily for this mission. Here is what you’re looking for to interact with:

1. The Pink Cushion in front of Minami’s Filing Cabinet
2. The Center Symbol of her Carpet (in the middle of the room)
3. The Tokyo Tower “Statue” on the black bookshelf by the beds
4. The Two Filing Cabinets (You need to interact with both the Left and Right sides)
5. The Wood Dresser in the corner next to the Filing Cabinets
6. The Box under the bed’s stepladder
7. The Boxes under the other side of the bed (Use your Searcher. The exact spot is hard to find)
8. The Coffin in the back corner by the computer shelves.

Once you do all of this, you get a scene before one final searcher.

9. A high shelf, two away from the Clothing Cabinet.

Interact with this and you’ll get a lot of story scenes, detailing the true background of the Mysterious Thief and the Final Boss Fight. If you want the nitty gritty of the story, I’ll add a section at the end of this guide to talk about it, so as to not have you accidentally get spoiled while still doing this walkthrough.

C8M4 – The Final Boss!

Objectives 1, 2, and 3 – Defeat The Mysterious Thief

The Thief is back and is faster and has a lot more HP. You need to defeat her 4 separate times to get the game’s ending, each for a body part (Upper Body, Lower Body, Head, Butt). Once you do this 4 times, then well…




New Game Plus

Upon completing the game, you are free to buy the multitude of costumes that just unlocked for you, from main character costumes to Neptune and Noire’s costumes from Neptunia.

You now also have everyone unlocked for Bath Time, can redo any Story Mission by itself from the Mission menu from the Main Menu, and do the Challenges. But as far as Story is concerned, you’re done outside of NG+

But if you choose Story, you’ll restart at the beginning of the story with all of your previous outfits, enhancements, weapons, etc.



FINAL SECTION 02: Ending Explanation

So, the story ending. It turns out that Eri and The Mysterious Thief were One and the Same. Eri had been brainwashed and as a result, had Split Personality Syndrome, although she retained memories of herself as the thief, hence why she felt guilty and ran off at the beginning of Chapter 8.

The Pixies then took her on while she was in her brainwashed state and used their Happy Bullets to overcome it and allow for the Eri persona to come out and keep the Thief persona hidden.

After the victory, they expected to be exiled from the Galactic Military as they effectively quit when their Commander forbade them from helping the girls at the dorm with finding Eri. But their Commander made sure there were no records of their quitting.

They were then caught by Amayo, whom proceeds to thank them for watching over her and her friends. Upon their departure, their ship changes direction and they get a permanent mission at the dorm, so as to stay and watch over the girls while also collecting data for their original mission.

*Note that there are multiple endings, so you may get a scene with a different girl than Amayo