What you’re looking at is a banner that I had made for my YouTube Channel by the PS Vita YouTube Channel PS Vita Unity, whom is below:


This was part of a phase of projects that I’ve been planning for my site, and I have many more projects on the way.  Soon, I’m going to completely overhaul the site’s design and layout to look more professional.  I’m also looking into adding more features to the site and a bunch of different projects outside of just the coding and content of the site.

To be able to afford these, I have been implementing little ways of raising money.  As you may know, I attempted fanfunding a year or so ago for a capture card PS Vita, and only 1 person tried to help fund it.  Since more Vita players out there are using fanfunding and having tons of success, I wanted to give it another shot.  So, I made a Kickstarter, linked below:


In the Kickstarter, my stretch goal is $1,000 and that would be expenses for a handful of my upcoming planned projects.  This is including the site overhaul, more technology-related additions and add-ons for the site, and other further projects which I am not at liberty to discuss as of yet, for public and other personal reasons.

If you’d like, go ahead and take a nice read through my Kickstarter page.  It has a lot of description in it, as well as the descriptions for the Backer Rewards, from shout-outs all the way up to Vita games and PSTV units!

Thanks for Your Support!