Now that our Europe Giveaway is over, it’s time for May 2015’s North America giveaway!  This one is going to be for a bigger title on the Vita.  Something you can get retail as well as digital if you bought it out-right.  North America’s 2015 Giveaway is going to be for a digital copy of the HD Collection for the God of War games!

The Collection contains God of War HD and God of War II HD, the original 2 games that released on the PS2 and later for the PS3.

To enter this giveaway, you may do any of the following requirements.  Note you can do more than one of these for multiple entries.  These entries must be in before May 31, 2015:


  1. Follow Me and Retweet the announcement Tweet on Twitter

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  2. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel and PM me there after you subscribe showing interest

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  3. Join this site’s Forum Community, make 10 posts on the forum for the month of May, and show interest in the topic there for the giveaway

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Good luck to all!