Now that the Europe giveaway for the month is finished, it is time to announce the North America giveaway for April 2015!  I’m sure a lot of you were waiting for this, since we have a much larger North America following than Europe following.  Without further delay, you can now enter on our forum for a chance to win a new game.

April’s Competition will be for the recent top-down shooting game: Helldivers!

The Entry Requirements will be the same as they were for the Europe giveaway.  As such, you must do the following before April 30th :

  1. Be a member of our forum community – http://forum.reviews2go.com/index.php
  2. You must have at least 25 posts on our forum
  3. You must have at least 10 posts on our forum from the month of April 2015
  4. You must respond to the giveaway’s topic
    1. http://forum.reviews2go.com/index.php?threads/april-2015-na-giveaway-helldivers.484/

Remember!  You must have ALL of these met before the 30th for your entry to be valid.  The forum topic will be locked on the 30th preventing further entries.

Good luck to all!