With this year going forward, there are a lot of things with the site I wish to change. One such “campaign” of sorts is going to concern the PlayStation Mobile library.

Ever since its creation, PlayStation Mobile has been an overlooked section of the PlayStation Network. It’s a little tab on the Vita’s PSN Store that has a ton of games available, both free and paid. Originally for both Android devices and the PlayStation Vita, this game media is specific and exclusive to the PlayStation Vita.

PS Mobile makes up almost 40 of my 196 reviews and I am planning on drastically increasing that number as the year goes by. There is a lot to find in the PlayStation Mobile side of the store. You may not know, but almost every week, PS Mobile gets more game releases than the Vita, itself, gets. A lot of these games are also made compatible with the PlayStation TV, as well as apps releasing on the PSM side of the store.

If you notice, the majority of PS Vita sites don’t post anything about PlayStation Mobile anymore. Even bigger sites that do reviews now hold back on those reviews, giving the small development teams little to no place to look for getting news of their games out there.

Just head over to the PS Mobile store and start googling names of games there and not elsewhere. What will happen is that you will find google searches that bring up next to nothing, if anything at all. These games are more affordable and some are free. Granted, many of them don’t run the best, but that’s what happens when some of these games are made by even a single-person team.

So, going further into 2015, I plan on giving a lot more coverage to PlayStation Mobile games and applications. Not only to bring out more uniqueness for PSVR, but also to bring more light to the PS Mobile platform.

So, I am doing this on my site in the form of more reviews, and I may start doing Video Reviews of PS Mobile titles as well. And on the forum, I am making a board dedicated to nothing but PlayStation Mobile. I will move all previous PSM topics to that board and will make weekly updates with all of the new games as well as posting all discussions on the platform and its apps and games here.

PS Mobile Board –

I hope this raises interest in PS Mobile for people here as well as anyone who follows and visits the site.