With every electronic device you own comes a certain amount of responsibility and care that must be made to be able to keep it in top condition.  Whether you’re carrying around an iPad, Lumia Icon, or a PlayStation Vita, you need to be able to keep it from breaking.  Worst Case Scenarios must be thought of before they happen.  You won’t want to think of how to prevent a Vita from breaking when It falls after it’s already broken and you’re having to replace the whole unit.  So, upon getting your Vita, you should look into getting a carrying case for it.

When looking at cases, there are several things, regarding the Vita that you should look for.  First of all, is it padded enough to protect the system from a fall?  Can it hold game cartridges and spare Memory Cards, or are you going to have to get a completely different accessory for that?  Can it hold the charging cords and headphones?  If you’re traveling with your Vita, you will want something that can do all of these things.

Thankfully, there are some cases out there that do just that.  If you take a deep look throughout the online and local markets, you will find some cases that not only act as protective cases, but can carry around anything you may have with your Vita.  We have recently acquired one such case, which we have been eyeing for quite some time.  Our first writing on accessories in the past 7 months, I present our official review of the PDP Pull n Go Folio!



The Pull n Go Folio’s design makes it look like a book, of sorts.  When it’s shut and zipped up, you can carry it around like a book.  It’s a little larger than your average novel, though.  The entire case is about the height and width size of an iPad or a college textbook.  While that does seem large, it is compact and light enough that it’s not a huge hassle to carry it around, though may require a sizeable pocket in your bag.  It’s not something you can slip into your pocket.

The inside of the Folio has two major sections.  On the left, it has a removable carrying case for your Vita as well as a felt pocket to hold your power cords and headphones.  On the right, it has four rows of small sleeves, which can fit game cartridges and memory cards.  A few of these sleeves can also be found on the carrying case on the left hand side of the Folio.  There is also a zipper seal to shut it when you’re ready to head out.

The main thing to note about the design is how many game sleeves there are.  There may be other cases out there that can hold a few games, but the Pull n Go Folio has a total of 23 sleeves, enabling you to take several games with you at once.  So, if you’re like me and have a lot of cartridges, you may be able to get this and not have to leave any cartridges at home.



As far as performance goes, the Folio is well-padded.  There is enough wiggle room as well as thickness of the felt padding that you wouldn’t break your Vita even if you held the Vita up high and dropped it towards the ground.  Plus the fact that the carrying case inside it has its own padding, which we should make a mention of.

The carrying case on the left hand side is unique for two reasons.  First of all, it has four sleeves under the front flap to carry game cartridges on it.  The other uniqueness of it is that it can be removed.  This, itself, has light padding enough to protect your Vita were you to drop it, enabling you to carrying just the small case and a few games, if you don’t have room for the entire Folio.

Another thing to think about with the Folio is the Slim Model.  This accessory was built for the original PS Vita, but not for the Slim.  However, the Slim fits into the carrying case surprisingly well.  There’s a little wiggle room when it’s inside the case, but it’s a pretty comfortable fit, which came to me as something pretty surprising.

The most important aspect for those with large libraries of games is the sleeves that hold the games.  There are 23 sleeves within the Folio for games and 2 for Memory Cards.  While I don’t imagine many of you have more than two or three Memory Cards, there are likely some out there with a lot of game cartridges.  This was a big test for me, as I own about 47 game carts.  The biggest test was whether or not these game sleeves were capable of comfortably holding more than one cartridge at the same time.

In our test, it came out with a big YES.  Two cartridges can easily fit into the same sleeve and still have wiggle room and a comfortable feel.  If you want, you can even fit three cartridges into a single sleeve, but it’s a pretty tight fit if you do that.  It is doable and manageable, but it’s a pretty tight fit.  Knowing this, in theory, you can hold a total of 70 cartridges in the Folio at once, counting a cartridge inside the Vita, itself.

There is one thing to mention about inserting carts into the sleeves.  Digging at the sleeves with your finger to pop them open before you slide your cartridge in, I found to be ineffective.  Most of the time when I did it like this, it folding into itself.  It is much easier to just slide the cartridge against the Folio and down into the sleeve.  Some may not be wanting to push their carts against the felt on this case, but it’s the only easy way to get those cartridges in there.