Another month begins and another month ends.  July 2014 was a very successful month for us, with two giveaways and a large number of reviews.  We matched last month’s count and published a total of 14 reviews this month.  We will try to top that next month as well.

However, July was a crucial month for us, because this was the month where we hit our first huge land-mark.  Over the seven months we have been around, we have posted more than 100 reviews!  This month was more about games than anything else.  Here are all of the reviews we have done for the month of July:

BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma
Child of Light
Dante’s Inferno
End of Serenity
God Eater Burst
Gran Turismo (PSP)
Hysteria Project 2
Silver Zombie
Soul Sacrifice Delta
Street Fighter x Tekken
Tehra Dark Warrior

This has been a great month.  Tune in for a new review tomorrow and a new set of giveaways coming within the next week!  Thank you for your continued support!