Good Morning,

We are making a small announcement today, as we have been suggested an idea for our site that had never even begun to cross our staff’s minds before.  A Donate Button.  I know it’s tricky business to put that up there and ask for money.  That’s definitely tricky business.  However, there is an explanation for why we are on this in the first place.

It”s not question that this website is a big expense.  As of right now, we don’t have strong enough relations with developers for review codes or game codes for giveaways.  Importing new hardware.  Yet, we have been having giveaways, and we make lots of reviews, not to mention the price for making this place free of having advertisements thrown all over the place.  All of that has been coming out of pocket.

So, here’s the deal.  We’ve put a Donate Button on the side of the page, just below the embedded version of our Twitter Feed.  If you’d like to give a little back to us, feel free to click it.  You can give as little as a single dollar, if you’d like.  We’ve set it up so you can put any dollar amount that you want.  After all, every little bit counts with our expenses of keeping this site running as well as game codes for our giveaways and all of the games we’ve been amassing for all of our reviews.

If you do choose to help us along, you may choose to do that donation via PayPal, or a Credit/Bank Card (there is a link towards the bottom of the Donation page for that).  Though to make note, we don’t expect you all to donate.  We’re not expecting to have everyone give back to us.  We are simply putting it out there in case there is someone, like the person who contacted us earlier today, whom is interested in helping us along.

Be well, everyone, and we’ll have a new review for you tomorrow!