Last month, we were finally able to do one of the biggest projects for our site and community since the creation of the site: a giveaway.  We amassed a few codes and had giveaways for the US version of Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster.  It came and went with a lot of activity and entries.  There were over 100 entries in that contest, which was much higher than I was expecting.

Due to the success of that giveaway, we have decided to try to have game giveaways every month.  Now that we are nearly to the mid-way point of April 2014, we have collected a game code we are going to give away.  This will be a game we have reviewed before.  The Indie game, flOw.

We are going to have the giveaway on April 09, 2014, three days from today.  The code will also be US Region, and will be good to redeem the PS Vita, PS3, and PS4 versions of the game, thanks to Cross-Buy.

If you’d like to enter this giveaway, send us a Tweet at @vitareviews , or comment on this article.  Good luck to all, and do note that not all of our giveaways will be for the US Region.  We will have EU giveaways in future months.